"COMMITED TO QUALITY SINCE 1923" 1923 A Limited Partnership Shibata Rubber Industries was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. 1949 A Limited Partner was dissolved, and Shibata Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd was established. 1961 Marine Rubber Fenders were produced. 1970 Name of Corporation was changed to Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. 1979 "Rubber Chainer" was developed. 1989 "Cushion Roller" was developed. 2001 "Super Circle (SPC)" fender was developed. 2003 Shibata Asia SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.


spc5CSS Fender came out with frontal street manel and resin pad. The Ship-Friendly-Fender, it is. It has higher Energy absorption and lower Reaction force, and also longer life. The desinged deflection is 52.5%. Height available is 500H-3000H.


In recent years while the economic blocks have expanded increasingly wider, the maritime distribution industry has entered into the era of high-speed distribution in large quantities, in which large-scale container ships are taking the initiative. Accordingly, the development and production of larger and faster vessels has raised the demand for lighter weight of the hull structure. This has also affected how a fender should serve as a crucial supporter in ensuring safe moorings of ships; as a result, the main stream has been shifting from the conventional types of fenders to the ones with higher absorbed energy and with lower reaction force. These allow less shock to be transmitted to the outer plank of the hull.


Conventionally, fender materials have been selected with priority given to whether or not they have sufficient ability to absorb the energy coming from a mooring ship. With progressing competition among harbor operators, however, there has been a growing tendency to place more priority over the cause no damage to the hull structure.


In particular, to select fenders intended for large scale container ships, considerations such as a "allowable hull pressure", "flexibility to widely-opened flare of the" or "easier maintenance check to important in addition to the conventional requirements" "absorption of the berthing energy", "relation between the pier strength and the fender's reaction force" and "durability of the fender". The "Circle Fender with Frontal Panel" is furnished with frontal frame whose front surface is covered with the resin sheet that allows a low co-efficient of friction. For a permissible surface pressure of the hull structure, surface reaction force of the fender (ton/m) can be adjusted simply by regulating the size of the frontal panel. For "flexibility to a flare angle of the hull", it employs a structure that enables the generated load to be received on its flat portions. The Circle Fender with Frontal Panel, whose rubber structure has no direct will suffer from rubbings or flaws. This fender which is designed appropriately, can give excellent durability to allow a service life of about 15 years only by applying a simple and easy maintenance check on the product.


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