"COMMITED TO QUALITY SINCE 1923" 1923 A Limited Partnership Shibata Rubber Industries was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. 1949 A Limited Partner was dissolved, and Shibata Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd was established. 1961 Marine Rubber Fenders were produced. 1970 Name of Corporation was changed to Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. 1979 "Rubber Chainer" was developed. 1989 "Cushion Roller" was developed. 2001 "Super Circle (SPC)" fender was developed. 2003 Shibata Asia SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.


spc1SPC Fender has also came out with frontal steel panel and resin pad, which has ULTRA higher Energy absorption and lower Raction force, high durability for ungular compression, and longer life. The designed deflection is 70%. Height available is 300H-2000H.


The pioneer of fender system "SHIBATA" suggests...

SUPER CIRCLE FENDER with full confidence.

SHIBATA was established in 1923 as a rubber boots factory. Since then, we are developing many kinds of rubber products. Especially in the marine fender products, we had installed superior and high quality products since early part of 1960's. After 1970's we developed CIRCLE TYPE fender, almost of another competition fender was designed by basing on our CIRCLE design policy.

We SHIBATA are always considering how a fender should be served as crucial supporter in safe berthing and mooring of ships. As a result, the main stream has been shifting from conventional types of fenders to the ones with higher energy absorption, lower reaction for excellent cost performance.

In recent days, vessel size keeps getting bigger and port facilities also level up with the rise of containerization, the demand of high performance fender is increasing. We have succeeded to develop ultimate fender SPC (Super Circle) Fender. And so, we recommend SUPER CIRCLE FENDER with full confidence.

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