"COMMITED TO QUALITY SINCE 1923" 1923 A Limited Partnership Shibata Rubber Industries was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. 1949 A Limited Partner was dissolved, and Shibata Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd was established. 1961 Marine Rubber Fenders were produced. 1970 Name of Corporation was changed to Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. 1979 "Rubber Chainer" was developed. 1989 "Cushion Roller" was developed. 2001 "Super Circle (SPC)" fender was developed. 2003 Shibata Asia SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.

sv2SV fender is one of multi-purpose. High durability and stable performance. This fender is used most widely in the word harbour. Designed deflection is 45% Size Variation is 150H-1000H.


A conventional cylindrical type fender absorbed energy through compressive deformation, while this SV-type fender materialized a revolutionary improved energy absorption efficiency by adding the compressive deformation to bucking deformation.

Once again, the introduction of a stationary system with anchor bolts improved the durability remarkably. This fender is used most widely in the world harbors as "multi purpose type" fender.


1) Excellent energy absorption efficiency
2) Excellent durability and stability

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