"COMMITED TO QUALITY SINCE 1923" 1923 A Limited Partnership Shibata Rubber Industries was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. 1949 A Limited Partner was dissolved, and Shibata Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd was established. 1961 Marine Rubber Fenders were produced. 1970 Name of Corporation was changed to Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. 1979 "Rubber Chainer" was developed. 1989 "Cushion Roller" was developed. 2001 "Super Circle (SPC)" fender was developed. 2003 Shibata Asia SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.

sv3SX fender has higher Energy absorption and lower Reaction force than SV fender. Also, SX has high durability and stability. Designed defelection is 52.5%. Size Variation is 250H-1000H.


It is the SX-type fender which is a narrow, excellent low reaction force and high energy absorption type together with features of a multi purpose type (SV-type) fender and increased energy absorption efficiency for higher stability. This is especially suitable for open-type piers with vertical piles and the like to which low reaction force type is advantageous to construction cost.

1) Realization of ultimate energy absorption
2) Efficiency as a solid type(Definitely higher absorption energy over a SV-type)

Intended purpose
1) Quay wall friendly low reaction force type impact applied to both the hull and the wall during a vessel coming alongside the quay is minimal due to the small reaction force per absorption energy amount.
2) Limited installation area (The space necessary for installing the fender per absorption energy is smaller than that for a multi purpose type fender.


sv4SX-P fender has a frontal steel panel with face pad or only with face pad.

The use of impact-absorption plate on the face of SX-type fender enables the plate to receive the local pressure from hull.

The fender is so constructed that the local pressure is dispersed throughout the fender via the impactabsorbing plate, damage to the fender by projections on the hull can be prevented, and stress is dispersed throughout the rubber part.

This type is especially suitable for the places where more than a few meter long fenders are required due to a wide tidal difference, or for mooring quay walls for work ships.


1) Excellent durability
Stress caused by the local compression due to projections of the hull is dispersed throughout the rubber impact-supporting part, which prevents damage by the local over compression.
2) Can be arranged variously
Connecting several rubber impact-supporting parts to an impact-receiving plate enable to have an impact-receiving face suitable for all application conditions.
* Fender mounting surface or place is easily adjustable.
* Corresponding to wide tidal difference is easy.
3) Adjustment to face reaction force is possible Desired face reaction force is obtainable by adjusting the size of the impact-receiving plate.

* Specification will be changed without prior notice.

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