"COMMITED TO QUALITY SINCE 1923" 1923 A Limited Partnership Shibata Rubber Industries was established in Kobe to produce rubber boots. 1949 A Limited Partner was dissolved, and Shibata Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd was established. 1961 Marine Rubber Fenders were produced. 1970 Name of Corporation was changed to Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd. 1979 "Rubber Chainer" was developed. 1989 "Cushion Roller" was developed. 2001 "Super Circle (SPC)" fender was developed. 2003 Shibata Asia SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.

ct1The Material rubber is same as our other marine fender. This fender is designed individually for each work-boat.


WORK BOAT FENDER, the required functions and characteristics of fenders to be installed to ships are not only those generally required but also other characteristics as well. The function of the ordinary fender is to absorb the shock energy of a berthing vessel. However, work boat fender must not only absorb the berthing energy but also must resist the strong pushing pressure exerted by the ship after berthing. In addition, it must minimize any possible damage to both the work boat and the ship while redistributing the pushing force to the ship with as little loss as possible. Yet, it is usually in such a state that easy damage is possible because it has been used over prolonged periods of time under severe conditions.

SHIBATA Work Boat Fenders have been produced after taking into consideration all of the above factors. The selection of materials and the shape and construction of the fender are based on long experience. All Shibata Fenders are products of latest technology. The reputation of Shibata Fender among its customers is testimony to its superiority. Shibata also produces fenders for pusher boats, barges, plying boats and supply boats and in each case applies the latest technology and knowledge gained in the manufacture of its fender.

1 Material rubber is same as rubber fender for wharf, has resistance to cuts and weather.
2 Fenders are designed and manufactured with the performance levels necessary for each.
3 Only SHIBATA has Curved type fender to fit the shape of ship.
4 Due to deliver large size of fender, SHIBATA has "Complete insertion adhesion system"
5 Fenders are available in three colors of Black and Grey, White.

* Specification will be changed without prior notice.


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